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Biyernes, Marso 15, 2013

Job seekers beware: New phishing scam makes it sound like you’re ‘In’

Recently, a number of scam cases have been reported on scam-alerts list globally. And most of this can be found on your emails sent by the seeming rank and file name plates in a particular country which would give you interest indeed.

But, how can you tell if an email message regarding job is a scam? It can be hard to differentiate between scams and legitimate employment related email messages. However, many job scams will send you an email saying that you got the job before ever meeting with you in person.

Some job scams do not even use job search websites; instead, they send emails directly to individual email addresses. You may receive an email offering you a job; the email is often from a Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, or Hotmail account, although scammers occasionally use a fake company domain name...


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